Scheme Criteria

Scheme Criteria

Qualifying Categories

Qualifying categories will be applied as an initial screen on submissions; for a submission to be considered for funding under the Scheme it must satisfy at least one of the following:


  1. Amenity
  2. Community facilities
  3. Culture/Heritage
  4. Education/Schools
  5. Recreation/Health

Qualifying Criteria

The following qualifying criteria will apply:


  1. Benefiting entity must be satisfactorily constituted
  2. Benefiting entity must be not-for-profit
  3. Benefiting entity must be tax compliant (where relevant)
  4. Membership of the benefiting entity must be open and non-discriminatory
  5. Benefiting project must not espouse any political, religious or social exclusion philosophy, doctrine or policy

Comparative Criteria

The following comparative criteria will apply:


  1. Proximity to wind farm (this carries the most weight)
  2. Range and number of people served
  3. Range of categories served
  4. Sustainability aspect
  5. Robustness of application
  6. Capital spend before operating spend
  7. Degree to which socially marginalised are catered for
  8. Flagship project (where relevant)